Insight and Opportunities in Mining Education and Training

The Certificate in Mining Studies is a University-Accredited Program that Matches Career Objectives


The Certificate in Mining Studies (CMS) program is supported and accredited by the University of British Columbia, Vancouver and the University of Arizona, Tucson. It is a collaborative initiative between mining schools and industry to provide accessible, cost-effective, accredited continuing education and training, designed to address the future needs of the global mining community. Content for the courses is authored by industry specialists and presented by course providers like Imperial College, UBC Sauder School of Business, and EduMine, and delivered through an integration of online

A Cost-Benefit Comparison of Different Formats for Training in Mining


This cost-benefit comparison of short course, live webcast and online course formats for training in mining looks primarily at (1) minimizing the cost of training and, (2) minimizing workplace disruption. There are obviously other benefits that could be included in a comparison, such as achievement of training objectives, trainee engagement (including peer review and networking), and convenience of access. However, these have been dealt with extensively elsewhere (Houlding 2014), (Allen and Seaman 2013), (Houlding 2014). In summary, it is generally recognized that online courses produce

EduMine’s Upcoming Courses – July 2014


Due to the planning phase of our fall program there are no short courses or webcasts scheduled for this month. But it’s only a short break as we will be back with new and rescheduled topics in August. In the meantime, take a sneak-peek at our upcoming courses. When you can’t attend a course in person, there are options to keep up with your professional development! It’s the perfect time to take one of EduMine’s many online courses – whether it’s at the mine site,

Prepare for the Growing Shortage of Qualified Managers in Mining

plant manager

The mining industry has a growing management crisis. A lack of skilled professionals and a rapidly aging workforce make it difficult for companies to fill vacant roles with qualified candidates, threatening short and long-term growth prospects. There just aren’t enough mining professionals with 10 to 15 years of mining experience to take-over from retiring baby boomers in management positions! New Management Certificate Programs provide a solution by offering online training that supports your accelerated growth and development along clearly defined career progression paths. Management Certificate

About MOOCs and Learner Retention in Online Education and Training

online study

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) presented by the Ivy League universities have been touted as the “next big thing” in online education. So far they have failed to deliver the promised revolution … initial attendance is often high (in the tens of thousands) but learner retention is low (about 5%) (see Retention and Intention in Massive Open Online Courses, June 2013). Lack of engagement is generally given as the primary cause of the large dropout rate. MOOCs employ a familiar “talking head” format with video

Metso Process Technology Suite of Courses Updated with Video Content

Metso Process Technology

Metso Process Technology’s suite of courses on flotation, grinding and crushing with EduMine has been upgraded with video content.

These courses qualify for professional development hours with a variety of professional organizations around the world, and earn credits towards the post-graduate Certificate in Mining Studies program.

What will be the Impact of Big Data on Education in Mining?


What is big data? Big data is a catchall phrase that refers to the vast numbers of data sets that are collected daily. It promises to revolutionize online learning and, in doing so, higher education (US News Aug 2013). Big data consists of high volume, high velocity and high variety information assets that require new forms of processing to enable enhanced decision making, insight discovery, and process optimization (ASTD 2014). Big data offers enormous potential to organizations with the capabilities to collect, store, interpret, and

What’s New in Management, Risk, and Finance at EduMine Online

There have been quite a few additions this past year to our courses on mine management, risk and mining finance. In the past year, we’ve launched 5 new courses (4 in English and 1 in Spanish) and revised 1 current course. Take a look below to see the new additions! At the start of a mining project, there are of a lot of unknown variables. Even When the mining project is in operation, there is no crystal ball to tell exactly when the mining project

Career-Driven Professional Development is a Key Strategy for Employee Retention

professional development

Lifelong learning is an accepted feature of a mining career in today’s world. Long gone are the days when an initial degree was all the qualification you needed to set yourself up for life. Whether you are working towards your CPD (Continuing Professional Development) requirement, or preparing yourself for promotion, or cross-training for a career change, or simply learning a new technology or skill to remain competitive, lifelong learning in the form of professional development is now a fact of life. Professional development may be

Child Labour: Getting Kids out of Mines and into Classrooms

Child Labour in Mining

The Int’l Day to End Child Labour seems a fitting time to look at what’s being done – and what isn’t – to keep kids out of the mining supply chain.

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