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EduMine Rankings and Demographics

The following rankings and demographics are based on records and analytics from 2015. Top 10 countries by visitor statistics … Canada: 15% United States: 14% South Africa: 6% India: 5% Australia: 5% Peru: 4% United Kingdom: 4% Mexico: 3% Brazil: 3% Chile: 3% Age: 61% of EduMine visitors are less than 35 years of age. Gender: 46% of EduMine visitors are women. Browser: Chrome is the most popular browser. Device: 26% of EduMine visitors use mobile or tablet devices. Course category rankings by certifications for

New Online Course: Real Options in Mining

Real Options in Mining

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Real Options in Mining! This course shows how the uncertainty (possible variability), which can be both negative (risk) and positive (opportunity), may be used to generate additional value by incorporating flexibility to accommodate changing conditions into a mining project. This course covers modern project appraisal techniques with a view to increasing expected value. Traditional mining project appraisal, discounted cash flow (DCF), typically involves the use of static variables that remain unchanged across project life and the use of

Tailings Risk Webcast Demonstrates the Global Reach of Webcast Training


The recent live webcast Risk Assessment and Decision Making for Mine Geowaste Facility Management had four presenters from three different countries and 22 delegates from 11 countries. It demonstrated the power of the Internet to disseminate specialist mining knowledge to even the remotest mining community. The course examined recent findings from the Mount Polley tailings facility failure, and outlined the risk assessment methods that can be used to prevent future tailings disasters. Practical techniques for the management of mine geowaste facilities using risk assessment methods

Are You Getting Real, Sustainable Value from Your Training?


We forget 70% of what we have learned within 24 hours unless we use it in some way. This principle of modern learning psychology is illustrated by the figure below which presents what is known as the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve (see Use It or Lose It by Art Kohn (2015)). Despite the general acceptance of this principle, mining companies continue to spend millions of dollars on training programs from which most of the knowledge will be forgotten in a matter of days. The principle applies

The Right Training Can Reduce the Impact of Mining on Communities


A number of mining companies have experienced costly delays due to community opposition and conflict. A case in point is Newmont Mining Corporation, the world’s 2nd largest gold miner, which is walking away from its $5 billion Conga copper and gold project in Peru after a year of relentless community opposition (see Community opposition forces Newmont to abandon Conga project in Peru,, April 2016). A study by the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining at the Sustainable Minerals Institute in Brisbane has determined that

Is Your Skillset Ready for an Industry Turnaround?

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There are indications in the media that the beginnings of an industry turnaround may be over the horizon. For example … Miners spending again: $50 billion capex in five months CAT sales latest sign of mining improvement Iron ore price leaps to 10-month high Now is the time to review your skillset with a view to positioning yourself to take maximum advantage of the coming turnaround. Keep in mind that the recession has been so long that many in the industry have found jobs elsewhere

CIM Partners with SME and EduMine to Provide High Quality Professional Development for Members


Montreal, Quebec, April 28, 2016: The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) is very proud to announce that it is partnering with EduMine – a leading provider of online training and education to the mining industry – in the roll-out of a premiere online professional development program to be offered to its members through a dedicated CIM “campus.” “During our strategic outreach there was a very clear ask from the CIM membership for high-quality professional development courses, especially those that enable online participation,”

Get the Best Possible Valuation of Your Mineral Property

Bulk Sampling: An Introduction

Valuation of a mineral property can be a somewhat subjective exercise … a bit like real estate valuation but more so. Which is why there are a number of methods and a lot of averaging involved. It is also why the process has been open to questionable interpretation and occasional abuse in the past. It’s all about how you assign a value based on a few drill holes, core samples, assays, geological mapping, comparison with similar deposits, and so on. The Canadian Institute of Mining,

New Online Course: Mine Planning 2 – Operations

Mine Planning Operations

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Mine Planning 2 – Operations. This course is the second in a set of three online courses on Mine Planning. This course focuses on the main concepts associated with investigating the financial impact of a number of key levers on the value of a mine plan by introducing the key mine planning concepts of sequence and scheduling as well as cut-off grade. While mine planners should endeavour to design and implement plans that are safe, environmentally sustainable and

You Can Earn More as a Miner but You Need to Specialize!

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There have been several instances of salary surveys showing miners earn more than the average in related industries. The article Here’s how much Canadian miners are currently making is just the latest example. But why is this? Why do miners consistently earn more than their colleagues in forestry, manufacturing, finance and construction? The answer lies largely in specialization. Mining is a complex industry that demands a range of specialized multi-disciplinary skills in addition to basic engineering, such as ventilation, rock mechanics, metallurgy, mine planning, resource