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How to Improve Your Chances of Getting the Job You Want in Mining


These are not the easiest of times to find a job in mining. The economic climate of the mining industry means that few companies are expanding and many are still shrinking. None-the-less there are always job opportunities out there, created by people retiring, changing jobs and generally moving around. The mining industry employs a wide variety of specialists, from engineers, geologists and metallurgists to accountants, human resource professionals, technicians and managers. Job opportunities are never non-existent, they are occasionally limited. If you are not successful

Do You Know your Arkose from your Elkerite?


AS A GEOLOGIST YOU SHOULD! If you need help, consult the Dictionary of Mining, Mineral and Related Terms. The original version of this dictionary was compiled by the US Bureau of Mines, which closed in 1995. EduMine assumed responsibility for support and development of the dictionary and it now includes nearly 30,000 terms with extensive cross-reference support. The dictionary is just one component of EduMine’s online knowledge resource; other components include mining courses, tools and reference lists. Together these comprise the largest resource of “how-to”

Courses on Geotechnics, Rock Mechanics and Hydrology


The engineering aspects of a mine are paramount for stability, safety, and economical extraction. If you cannot move, open, and control the earth, you will not have a mine. If you cannot predict, model, and manipulate the water, you will not have a mine. Stay up-to-date on the most recent developments in and methods for geological and hydrogeological engineering at mines. EduMine’s live courses offer the opportunity to learn directly from industry specialists. Live webcasts can be attended from anywhere with an internet connection, and

How to Retain Young Professionals in Mining

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current young professionals work group (up to age 35), commonly referred to as “millennials” or “Gen Y’ers”, spends an average of 1.8 years in a job before moving on. At any one time, 60% of this group are looking for new career opportunities while still employed. Career and lifestyle aspirations are even more important to them than pay or their relationship with their managers. In addition, millennials do not need to be highly dissatisfied with their

EduMine’s Upcoming Courses – August 2014


We are back with two popular webcasts this month! Our Spanish speaking audience will be pleased to see Establecer y mantener una licencia social para operar en minería being held again, August 12-14. And, for the third time this year, our most popular course is back; Scott Dunbar’s Mining 101 webcast will run August 26-28. In the coming weeks, we will be finalizing our fall program. Take a look at what’s currently scheduled and let us know if there’s a topic you need which is

Top Business Risks for Mining in 2015 Include Productivity Improvement and Balancing of Talent Needs

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The Ernst & Young report Business Risks in Mining and Metals 2014-2015 lists productivity improvement and balancing talent needs as two of the top 10 business risks for 2015. Both of these risks can be influenced directly by planned training and career development focused on skills, talent and leadership development and acquisition of knowledge. This article discusses some of the ways in which reduction in risk can be accomplished, using a blended learning approach to training at the mine site. When providing specialist training to

Training the Next Generation of Managers in Mining


The mining industry has a growing shortage of managers. One reason for this is a lack of skilled professionals: many young professionals simply have not been able to accumulate sufficient on-the-job experience in the available time-frame; a typical mining school curriculum leaves gaps that have to be filled with onsite training and experience; and many professionals have crossed over to mining from other industries and are in need of mining-specific crossover training. A secondary reason is that a rapidly aging baby-boomer generation of managers is

The Certificate in Mining Studies is a University-Accredited Program that Matches Career Objectives


The Certificate in Mining Studies (CMS) program is supported and accredited by the University of British Columbia, Vancouver and the University of Arizona, Tucson. It is a collaborative initiative between mining schools and industry to provide accessible, cost-effective, accredited continuing education and training, designed to address the future needs of the global mining community. Content for the courses is authored by industry specialists and presented by course providers like Imperial College, UBC Sauder School of Business, and EduMine, and delivered through an integration of online

A Cost-Benefit Comparison of Different Formats for Training in Mining


This cost-benefit comparison of short course, live webcast and online course formats for training in mining looks primarily at (1) minimizing the cost of training and, (2) minimizing workplace disruption. There are obviously other benefits that could be included in a comparison, such as achievement of training objectives, trainee engagement (including peer review and networking), and convenience of access. However, these have been dealt with extensively elsewhere (Houlding 2014), (Allen and Seaman 2013), (Houlding 2014). In summary, it is generally recognized that online courses produce

EduMine’s Upcoming Courses – July 2014


Due to the planning phase of our fall program there are no short courses or webcasts scheduled for this month. But it’s only a short break as we will be back with new and rescheduled topics in August. In the meantime, take a sneak-peek at our upcoming courses. When you can’t attend a course in person, there are options to keep up with your professional development! It’s the perfect time to take one of EduMine’s many online courses – whether it’s at the mine site,

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