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Recent Tailings Failure at Samarco a Reminder of the Need for Proper Training


Tailings are a necessary component of mine waste. The safe design, operation and management of tailings facilities are key responsibilities of any modern mining operation. Following on the Mount Polley failure in British Columbia, Canada, in 2014, the recent tailings facility failure at the iron ore mine at Samarco in Brazil (, 05 Nov), and the consequent loss of life, is yet another reminder of the need for proper training in all aspects of design, operation and management of tailings facilities. The upcoming EduMine course

Operations Training that Benefits Your Employees as well as Your Bottom Line


EduMine has developed a comprehensive training program for mineral processing operations that awards a university certificate to key employees and delivers potential bottom line benefits to management. Even in the current tough economic times, these are strong incentives. Training that qualifies for a university certificate … The Certificate in Mining Studies is a continuing education program developed by prominent mining universities in collaboration with the mining industry and EduMine to bring accessible world class training directly to mining operations and professionals around the world. Delivered

Retiring Frontline Supervisors in Mining Replaced by Inexperienced University Graduates


See the MiHR(#) article Mind the Experience Gap! Retiring workers replaced by younger, inexperienced university graduates — frontline supervisors … As frontline supervisors are amongst the fastest aging workers in Canada (a 4.7 per cent annual retirement rate versus a 2.9 per cent retirement rate for the mining workforce overall), some employers report a growing need to substitute education for experience. The knock on effect is a worker who may not have the depth of experience in the occupations that they are supervising. Frontline supervisors

Mine GeoWaste Facilities – New Online Course


We’ve just launched a new online course: Risk Assessment, Decision-Making, and Engineering Management for Mine GeoWaste Facilities by Jack Caldwell and Franco Oboni. Closed mine waste disposal facilities are new terraforms that will exist in perpetuity. If the geowaste facility is properly designed, constructed, operated, and closed as part of a mine that generates corporate and social benefits and entails risks that are below tolerable thresholds, then the mine is sustainable and can be allowed to operate. If the risks are not manageable, the mine

Operations Training with Bottom Line Benefits

operations training

In these tough economic times for the mining industry, training budgets have been slashed across the board, yet relevant operations-focused training is critical to improve the bottom line. The key is to identify training that is compatible with operational objectives. To justify its inclusion in today’s mining budgets, training must focus on areas that have a strong, and immediate potential for: reducing production costs, improving operational efficiencies, and/or enabling technical due diligence to reduce risk. For example, in an open pit mining context, bench face

EduMine Delivers a Customized Training Program to Saudi Arabian Group

Classroom Learning

In August, EduMine hosted four mining professionals from Saudi Arabia in the EduMine classroom. A customized technical program covering mineral processing was completed in 8 days, and consisted of expert instructor led lectures, and field trips. The EduMine team worked diligently to ensure that the trip was a seamless learning and education experience from the time that they arrived in Vancouver, until their departure back to Saudi Arabia. In an effort to make sure that they left with a true appreciation of what British Columbia

Achieving the ROI of Mine Training


With few exceptions, the return on investment for training is generally difficult to quantify, particularly in dollar terms. Clearly identifying the objectives and establishing a means of confirming achievement will improve both the effectiveness and confidence level of a training project and, at the least, give an indication of the return on investment. As a simple example, if the objective of training is concerned with improving the safety of a mining operation, then achievement would be measured in terms of a subsequent reduction in the

Updated Online Course – Estimating Costs for Mining Prefeasibility Studies

Cost Estimating

We’ve updated Otto Schumacher’s online course Estimating Costs for Mining Prefeasibility Studies. This course introduces the methodologies of mining cost estimating and prepares users to complete a credible estimate. The course focuses on itemized cost estimating methods in the context of a mine plan. The update includes new review questions, up-to-date costing information from CostMine, and consideration of cost estimates as integral to discounted cash flow analysis and the NI 43-101 process. For more info, see the course page.

EduMine Subsidizes Licensing of its Courses to Educational Institutions


EduMine has a policy of subsidizing the licensing of its online courses to educational institutions with mining programs. To date, 23 institutions have taken advantage of this policy. There is a global shortage of qualified, experienced faculty with which to develop appropriate curricula at mining schools around the world. One solution to this is to involve industry specialists in the curriculum wherever possible. Unfortunately, these specialists tend to have limited availability. This can be overcome by persuading them to make their specialized knowledge available as

Professional Development and Training Statistics on EduMine


A World Leader Did you know that EduMine is the world’s leading provider of training and education to the mining industry today? Our clients, students and partners choose our online platform for professional development, as a mining resource library, and for training purposes. Below are several interesting EduMine statics that demonstrate EduMine’s growth, and usage: There are over 6,000 active students today Over 21,000 individuals have enrolled since 2005 Nearly 7,000 individuals have completed one or more courses with EduMine 16,000 courses have been completed

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