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Updated Online Course: Underground Mining Methods and Equipment

Underground Mining Methods and Equipment

We’ve just updated one of our most popular courses, Underground Mining Methods and Equipment. The course is one of EduMine’s earliest courses, and this updated version includes advances in underground mining methods, changes to equipment, and costing figures. Underground Mining Methods and Equipment provides a comprehensive introduction and reference for students, engineers and other mining professionals who require a solid grounding in selection, design and development of mining methods and equipment. It is a great starting point for anyone looking to begin a career underground.

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

Only 24% of mining companies have any sort of leadership program in place or in development ...

The aging population within the mining industry has been a concern for CEOs over the course of the last ten years. Population projections from Statistics Canada and the Mining Industry Human Resources Council indicate that 40 per cent of Canada’s mining workforce at all levels is aged 50 or older. How prepared is the industry for the seismic shift in the working population as the current cohort of managers starts to retire? The following results are pulled from a survey by Stratum of 912 mining

Finding Time for That Online Course


You have been thinking about that online course for some time now. You know you will be able to perform your job better once you have taken it, and your career prospects will also benefit. You just cannot get to it because you keep procrastinating and prioritizing other tasks ahead of it. You are much more likely to find the time if you start by establishing your objectives. Why are you taking the course? To meet your CPD (continuing professional development) obligations? To increase your

Attraction, Training and Retention of Mining Talent in Developing Countries


The shortage of skilled professionals in mining is at its most critical in developing countries. This presents three key issues for talent management … how to attract the best people? how to train them effectively? how to retain them in the longer term? This is offset to some extent by the tremendous demand for education and training in developing countries, as well as a general perception amongst the mining workforce that education and training present the shortest route to career advancement. Continuing education and training

Get Ahead in Mining with a Professional Grade CMS


Today’s professionals in mining and the geosciences require new, innovative ways of delivering high-quality, affordable continuing education that allow them to balance a career, a family, and their personal lives with job responsibilities and career development. The CMS (Certificate in Mining Studies) is a continuing education program supported by a network of top mining schools and providers of high quality professional development courses. It is a blended learning program of on-demand online courses, face-to-face short courses and interactive live webcasts delivered by industry specialists and

Online Certification for a Remote Mining Audience


How do you develop a certification process for online courses that are going to be taken on demand by individuals in remote mining areas, many of whom will not have access to mentoring and must complete a course entirely in a self-study, self-paced mode? The primary objective of certification is to confirm that you have achieved the planned learning objectives of a course. A strong secondary objective is to enhance and reinforce the learning experience itself. The online certification process for EduMine courses is audited

Talent Management Issues in Mining – Knowledge Transfer and Closing the Skills Gap

talent management 2

This posting follows from an earlier article that addressed the talent management issues of skills development and employee retention. We look here at the issues of knowledge transfer and closing the skills gap, summarized as follows. The internal talent pool within each company is shrinking as the older generation retires or moves on, and internal procedures for transfer of knowledge and skills to the younger generation are mostly non-existent. Mining schools, with their own difficulties in finding and retaining appropriate faculty, are failing to close

New Spanish Online Course: Molienda 3 – Circuitos

Molienda 3 - Circuitos

We’ve just launched a new online course in Spanish, Molienda 3 – Circuitos (Grinding 3 – Circuits). This course is the third and final installation of Metso Process Technology‘s popular courses on grinding engineering. This series of courses is the new iteration of Metso’s Computer-Based Training (CBT), an industry standard for mineral processing. The suite of courses teaches the principles that help operators make safer, faster and better decisions at the mill. With this last installment, Spanish learners now have access to all three courses

Talent Management Issues in Mining – Skills Development and Employee Retention

talent management

The current talent management squeeze in mining is summarized by the following observations and supported by a number of studies, including Managing the Learning Landscape, published by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and the Project Management Institute (PMI) (2014). It is increasingly difficult to recruit talent with appropriate skills and experience to manage projects; this is compounded by the tendency for the younger generation to change jobs with increasing frequency. The internal talent pool within each company is shrinking as the older generation retires

Canadian Online Publishing Awards Recognizes

Canadian Online Publishing Awards

Congratulations to who took home gold from the Canadian Online Publishing Awards for Best Email Newsletter Design and Engagement, trade publication category! They also won silver in Best Use of Social Media, and Best Online Campaign for their GEA Westfalia webinar – we’re very proud of our contribution to that campaign and look forward to helping out with future webcasts.

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