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EMBA in Strategic Mining Management


Designed exclusively for the mining industry, this first-of-its-kind executive business degree was developed in consultation with mining professionals for mining professionals. The new EMBA in Strategic Mining Management harnesses the world-renowned expertise in business education of the Sauder School of Business and North America’s largest and most advanced centre for mining engineering education and research, the Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering, to train highly skilled executives in the fields of Operations Management and Executive Management. The curriculum integrates knowledge from core business and mining disciplines

Seeking New Talent in Mining to Counter Shifting Industry Realities


Deloitte have published their Top 10 Mining Trends for 2015. One of these concerns the seeking of new skillsets to counter shifting industry realities at all levels, from the boardroom to the operational level. To attract new skills to the sector, companies will need to commit to diversity, explore new talent management systems, get better at recruiting talent in high demand and invest in more targeted training. Many mining companies are struggling to attract specialized skills, not only at the operational and management levels, but

Andy Robertson in Mining Hall of Fame


On Monday night, 16th February 2015 the International Mining magazine inducted new members into the Mining Hall of Fame. We congratulate InfoMine CEO, EduMine Review Board Executive Chairman and online course author Dr. Andy Robertson!

Stakeholder Engagement a Top Priority for Mining in 2015


Deloitte have published their Top 10 Mining Trends for 2015. Included is concern regarding the rising stakes around stakeholder engagement as companies struggle to balance competing interests. Companies should work to build win/win platforms, communicate in new ways, leverage the power of social media, work with mining associations to negotiate with local communities, improve their corporate giving practices and consult with affected community stakeholders to plan mine closures. Providing the necessary training to achieve these objectives can be expensive. However, with access to EduMine’s library

Keeping Staff Engaged and Motivated in Tough Times is Difficult


Deloitte have published their Top 10 Mining Trends for 2015. The two top trends are concerned with operational excellence and innovation in mining. To gain traction in either of these areas, management needs to ensure that staff are engaged and motivated. This can be difficult to achieve in these tough times of low and unpredictable commodity prices when many companies are slashing their training budgets. An EduMine Group License is one of the few affordable options available. This will allow your staff to: access the

Bachelor of Mining and Mineral Resource Engineering: BCIT’s New Degree

Texada Quarries

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) has just announced that it will offer Canada’s first joint bachelor’s degree in mining engineering and exploration: the Bachelor of Engineering in Mining and Mineral Resource Engineering. This new degree will allow students to earn a degree that is applicable to virtually the entire mining chain: from exploration through to closure and remediation. See BCIT’s announcement for more details about the program. “Starting this Fall, BCIT will offer a new Bachelor of Engineering in Mining and Mineral Resource Engineering.

Updated Online Course: Acid Rock Drainage Prediction

Acid Rock Drainage Prediction

Last month, we launched an extensive update to a very popular course, Acid Rock Drainage Prediction. The course provides an introduction for students, technicians, and practicing geochemists, geoscientists and other professionals who desire a solid grounding on acid rock drainage prediction. This expansion adds 6 new sessions that cover costs and liabilities, geophysics, clay Mineralogy and Geochemistry and new case studies. The new material also significantly adds to the sections on Mineralogical and Geochemical Interpretation and Laboratory Tests and Interpretation. Take a look at the

Updated Online Course: Underground Mining Methods and Equipment

Underground Mining Methods and Equipment

We’ve just updated one of our most popular courses, Underground Mining Methods and Equipment. The course is one of EduMine’s earliest courses, and this updated version includes advances in underground mining methods, changes to equipment, and costing figures. Underground Mining Methods and Equipment provides a comprehensive introduction and reference for students, engineers and other mining professionals who require a solid grounding in selection, design and development of mining methods and equipment. It is a great starting point for anyone looking to begin a career underground.

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

Only 24% of mining companies have any sort of leadership program in place or in development ...

The aging population within the mining industry has been a concern for CEOs over the course of the last ten years. Population projections from Statistics Canada and the Mining Industry Human Resources Council indicate that 40 per cent of Canada’s mining workforce at all levels is aged 50 or older. How prepared is the industry for the seismic shift in the working population as the current cohort of managers starts to retire? The following results are pulled from a survey by Stratum of 912 mining

Finding Time for That Online Course


You have been thinking about that online course for some time now. You know you will be able to perform your job better once you have taken it, and your career prospects will also benefit. You just cannot get to it because you keep procrastinating and prioritizing other tasks ahead of it. You are much more likely to find the time if you start by establishing your objectives. Why are you taking the course? To meet your CPD (continuing professional development) obligations? To increase your

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