A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming Up for EduMine Online

What's New!It’s time for another quick look ahead at what you can expect over the next few months from EduMine!

We have a very exciting new online course launching soon from Michael Gannon entitled Applied Ethics in Exploration and Mining! This course explores ethical concerns in the mineral exploration and mining indutries, and the consequences of poor ethical decisions on business, industry and reputation. It will cover topics like ethical viewpoints, morals, ecological ethics, decision-making and more.

Another imminent addition to our online course library is Gold Exploration in Tropical Landscapes, by Danae Voormeij. Voormeij is a very successful consultant working worldwide, and brings her extensive knowledge of gold exploration methods and techniques to this groundbreaking new EduMine course.

Keep checking back, and be the first to sign up for these fantastic new online courses!

Joanna Gaskell is the Manager of Educational Media for EduMine, who coordinates online course development and production. She has a background in environmental consulting, communications, and multimedia.

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