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Beverlee is Edumine's Principal Technical Writer. She has experience writing and editing technical content for the software and mining industries. She also has an interest in user interface design and user experience.

New Spanish Online Course: Conciencia ambiental en la planificación de recursos

We’ve just launched a new online course in Spanish, Conciencia ambiental en la planificación de recursos by Ralph Gunness! This is an introductory course on environmental awareness and the issue of sustainability with respect to resource projects. The course is aimed at all levels of management, from supervisor to senior management. Today, sustainability is the key to the future success of mining. The long-term impacts of operations on local communities should be carefully considered. Sustainability means considering the economic, environmental, cultural, and social aspects in

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New Online Course: Real Options in Mining

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Real Options in Mining! This course shows how the uncertainty (possible variability), which can be both negative (risk) and positive (opportunity), may be used to generate additional value by incorporating flexibility to accommodate changing conditions into a mining project. This course covers modern project appraisal techniques with a view to increasing expected value. Traditional mining project appraisal, discounted cash flow (DCF), typically involves the use of static variables that remain unchanged across project life and the use of

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New Online Course: Mine Planning 2 – Operations

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Mine Planning 2 – Operations. This course is the second in a set of three online courses on Mine Planning. This course focuses on the main concepts associated with investigating the financial impact of a number of key levers on the value of a mine plan by introducing the key mine planning concepts of sequence and scheduling as well as cut-off grade. While mine planners should endeavour to design and implement plans that are safe, environmentally sustainable and

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Updated Online Course – Groundwater in Mining

We’ve just launched author updates for Jack Caldwell’s online course, Groundwater in Mining. This course focuses on groundwater theory and practice applicable to mines and the specifics of open pits, shafts, underground mine workings, heap leach pads, waste rock dumps, and tailings impoundments. For more info, see the course page.

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New Online Course – Economic Geology 101

Our new online course, Economic Geology 101, is for: beginners in exploration geology, people requiring a basic understanding of ore deposits, students, and anyone who is inquisitive about mineral deposits and how these form. The course covers an overview of major rock types, how processes in the geologic cycle relate to the formation of ore deposits, and characteristic deposit types that form for specific minerals. This course is based on the Geological Framework for the Business of Exploration and Mining, authored by David Groves, presented

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Underground Mine Environment 1: Ventilation and Mine Services – New Online Course

We’ve just launched a new online course: Underground Mine Environment 1: Ventilation and Mine Services by Mining Education Australia—a must for professionals tasked with design, monitoring, and practice of ventilation for the underground mine environment. The course begins with developing an understanding of the laws, relationships and equations, and their application, required to undertake analysis of fluid flow in ventilation and gas reticulation systems. The course also focuses on fan types and applications/configurations, key aspects of ventilation network analysis, monitoring ventilation networks, as well as

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