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Jennifer is a technical writer and educational events administrator with EduMine. She has many years of experience as a writer and photographer, and an interest in social media and conflict resolution in the mining industry.

Achieving Sustainable Improvement Through Behaviour Change

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Achieving Sustainable Improvement through Behaviour Change. This online course provides in-depth assessment of the various factors affecting quality, and outlines a rational path to implementing and sustaining Continuous Improvement (CI) programs suited for the mineral industry. Drawing on leadership and cultural issues that are critical to motivate individuals to fully participate in a CI program, the course offers practical suggestions on how to structure and sustain implementation efforts. For more info, see the course page.

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New Online Course – Tailings Management by Robert C. Lo

The consequences of tailings storage facility failure are significant, and there have been several failures in recent years. It is the responsibility of anyone involved in the design, construction, operation or closure of a tailings facility to be fully cognisant of every aspect of tailings management. Robert C. Lo’s new online course, Tailings Management, takes a comprehensive look at all aspects of tailings management–from tailings generation and storage facility design through operation to closure and decommissioning. For more info, see the course page.

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Updated Online Course – The Mill Operating Resource – 1: Ore Preparation

We’ve just launched author updates for Ron Magill’s online course, The Mill Operating Resource – 1: Ore Preparation. This course is the first of two courses that serve as an essential resource for people who need to understand and operate the equipment used in mineral processing. For more info see the course page.

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New Online Course – Mine Security Risk Analysis and Reduction

We are pleased to announce Alan Franklin’s new online course, Mine Security Risk Analysis and Reduction. This course concentrates on the systems, methodology, and practical applications seen within site security as it is applied to the mining and extraction industries. The security issues raised in this course will be of great help to managers and security professionals involved in the mining sector, especially when operating in underdeveloped or unstable regions. For more info, see the course page.

Mine GeoWaste Facilities – New Online Course

We’ve just launched a new online course: Risk Assessment, Decision-Making, and Engineering Management for Mine GeoWaste Facilities by Jack Caldwell and Franco Oboni. Closed mine waste disposal facilities are new terraforms that will exist in perpetuity. If the geowaste facility is properly designed, constructed, operated, and closed as part of a mine that generates corporate and social benefits and entails risks that are below tolerable thresholds, then the mine is sustainable and can be allowed to operate. If the risks are not manageable, the mine

Updated Online Course – Estimating Costs for Mining Prefeasibility Studies

We’ve updated Otto Schumacher’s online course Estimating Costs for Mining Prefeasibility Studies. This course introduces the methodologies of mining cost estimating and prepares users to complete a credible estimate. The course focuses on itemized cost estimating methods in the context of a mine plan. The update includes new review questions, up-to-date costing information from CostMine, and consideration of cost estimates as integral to discounted cash flow analysis and the NI 43-101 process. For more info, see the course page.

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Updated Online Course – Geotechnical Data Collection for Excavation in Rock

We’ve just launched an exciting update from EduMine Author James Mathis. Geotechnical Data 1 – Rock Fabric and Structures, and its companion course Geotechnical Data 2 – Rock Material Properties, replace and expand upon the original course Geotechnical Data Collection for Excavation in Rock by the same author. Geotechnical Data 1 – Rock Fabric and Structures provides practical guidelines and procedures for collection of relevant geotechnical data by stereonets, cell mapping, core logging, and reduction of data for rock mass classification purposes. Geotechnical Data 2

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Canadian Online Publishing Awards Recognizes

Congratulations to who took home gold from the Canadian Online Publishing Awards for Best Email Newsletter Design and Engagement, trade publication category! They also won silver in Best Use of Social Media, and Best Online Campaign for their GEA Westfalia webinar – we’re very proud of our contribution to that campaign and look forward to helping out with future webcasts.

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New Spanish Online Course: Cómo establecer una licencia social en minería

We have just launched a new Spanish online course: Cómo establecer una licencia social en minería. This is a translation and updated version of Robert Boutilier and Ian Thomson’s course Establishing a Social Licence to Operate in Mining. This course is for anyone concerned with sustainable community relationships in mining: professionals, managers, regulators, NGOs, community leaders and graduate students. The course explains how a mining company can earn and maintain a social licence to operate. For more information, visit the course introduction page. You can

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New Online Course: Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights

The extractive industries have the dual responsibility of protecting their people and operations as well as respecting the human rights of their employees and the members of the communities in which they work. In our newest online course, Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, Monkey Forest’s Tom Green provides an introduction to the VPSHR, and discusses risk assessment in the context of providing a secure working environment and protecting the human rights of employees and surrounding communities, human rights abuse allegations and the procedures

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