Courses on Geotechnics, Rock Mechanics and Hydrology

training-and-development-blackboard-1The engineering aspects of a mine are paramount for stability, safety, and economical extraction. If you cannot move, open, and control the earth, you will not have a mine. If you cannot predict, model, and manipulate the water, you will not have a mine. Stay up-to-date on the most recent developments in and methods for geological and hydrogeological engineering at mines.

EduMine’s live courses offer the opportunity to learn directly from industry specialists. Live webcasts can be attended from anywhere with an internet connection, and they save on time, travel, and fees. Short courses provide the full classroom experience as well as the opportunity to network with others in the industry.

We are pleased to announce these upcoming live courses:

Fundamentals of Mine Water Management
Live Webcast – presented by Jack Caldwell P.E., MS.(Eng.)
This webcast introduces participants to the basic technical issues, engineering issues, and solutions of managing mine waters. The focus is on the basics, best practices, and theories of surface water management, groundwater management, mine water balances, mine closure water management, and geochemistry of mine waters.

Geosynthetics in Mining – Practice and Developments
Live Webcast – presented by Jack Caldwell P.E., MS.(Eng.) and Tarik Hadj-Hamou Ph.D., P.E.
This webcast will describe the many current and new geosynthetics materials that are used in mining applications; discuss the use of geosynthetics in mine tailings facilities, heap leach pads, water retention ponds, and liners and covers; evaluate the challenges; cover new and advanced information and solutions; and recap key learnings from pre-conference courses and workshops incl. keynote addresses and papers.

Open Pit Slope Design and Implementation
Short Course – presented by Peter F. Stacey P.Eng.
The slopes of an open pit mine greatly influence the production at the mine, and they are critical for the safety of mine personnel. Safety and stability depend on careful engineering. This course presents an overview of the design and management of open pit slopes: methods of data collection; design procedures for bench configurations, inter-ramp slopes and overall slopes, including the analytical procedures commonly in use; implementation of designs; and the risks associated with pit slope design and excavation.

Groundwater Modelling for Mining
Short Course – presented by Dr. Murray Fredlund Ph.D., P.Eng.
The management of groundwater on mine sites has become of greater importance in recent years, especially as it relates to environmental concerns, impact on slope stability, and dewatering of open pits. This short course focuses on the application of numerical models to practical problems in order to address the aspects of groundwater modeling that relate to problems typically encountered at mine sites.

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