EduMine’s Upcoming Courses – June 2014

Have you started a new position as operator or know of finance/HR personnel who need an overall understanding of a typical copper/gold mineral processing circuit?
Do you need to reduce maintenance costs, risks and want to shift from reactive to proactive approaches in managing and operating equipment and systems?
Has your mine staff the tools required to effectively gather geotechnical data for rock mass classification and rock mechanics design calculations?

This month covers all of the above and more! Take a look at these upcoming topics and make sure to secure your seat:

Uptime for the Down Times – Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management
Live Webcast | 10 – 12 June 2014
The course will be of particular interest to purchasing, maintenance, engineering and production professionals from mining companies that operate fleets of large haul trucks and mobile mining equipment, vehicles, plants and facilities. It will also be of interest to suppliers of mining equipment, financial analysts, insurers and lenders to the mining industry to help gain an understanding of what mining companies can do to actively reduce business risks.

Understanding the Basic Mineral Processing Flowsheet
Short Course | Vancouver | 19 – 20 June 2014
The course is aimed at anyone working at a mineral processing site who wishes to better understand the environment they work in. It is also of value to maintenance planners, technical maintenance personnel, new operators and anyone wishing to go in that industry. The course can also benefit HR personnel so they can relate to the people in the plant, as well as finance personnel for an understanding where money comes from and goes to.

Rock Mass Characterization for Mine Design
Short Course | Vancouver | 23 – 25 June 2014
The course is directed towards geologists, geotechnicians and geotechnical engineers involved in gathering geological data for surface and underground mines. The course will outline the collection of key structural and rock mass strength data required for effective rock mass classification systems. The mine geologist usually collects much of the data needed for rock mass classification and design calculations. Unfortunately it is often not in the form an engineer is able to use. This course will give the geology staff the tools they need to collect geological data so that it can be used by both geologists and engineers.

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Sandra Wunsch is the Educational Events Manager for EduMine. She has over 15 years’ experience in training, event management, and Human Resources, having worked in the public service sector in Germany and for InfoMine, Canada for many years.

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