Metal Mining Discharges – Impacts and Controls

ximpactWe have recently revised our online course, Metal Mining Discharges – Impacts and Controls, by Dr. Frances Solomon. Dr. Solomon has more than 25 years of professional experience in environmental agencies, addressing the biological impacts of toxic water pollutants, pollution prevention and control, and protection and restoration of salmon habitat.

Her course presents the principles of ecology with respect to aquatic ecosystems, and how metals from all stages in the life of a mine are discharged to these ecosystems. The course also examines the properties of metals, discusses various toxicity testing methods, and how to prevent and control the generation and discharge of acid rock drainage (ARD).

Many of the examples and case studies in the course have been updated, such as the sections on The Global Mercury Project, Testing Methods at Mine Sites, Summitville Mine, and Pacific Mine.

Dr. Solomon will also be presenting the short course, Metal Mining Discharges – Impacts and Controls, in Vancouver, Canada, from April 27 to 28. Her short course will also feature guest presenter Dirk van Zyl, who is Professor and Chair of Mining and the Environment at the University of British Columbia. He has more than 40 years’ experience in research, teaching, and consulting in tailings and mine rock structures. He is an expert in risk management for tailings facilities.

The purpose of the short course is to encourage environmentally-sensitive mining practice by educating mining engineers and environmental professionals about impacts of metals on fish, other aquatic species, and human health. A related objective is to promote collaboration between engineers and scientists with respect to prospecting, design, development, permitting, operation, and closure of mines to reduce discharge of metals to the aquatic environment. Participants will also receive free access to Dr. Solomon’s online course as pre-course e-learning.

To find out more about Metal Mining Discharges – Impacts and Controls, please visit the online course page or short course page.

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