New Online Course: Groundwater Modelling for Mining 1 – Model Conceptualization

Groundwater Modelling for Mining 1The environmental impacts of a mining project need to be quantified before undertaking a project, and throughout the mining lifecycle to ensure regulatory compliance, project sustainability, and environmental protection. With this in mind, Christoph Wels, Dan Mackie, Jacek Scibek, Lawrence Charlebois, and Paul Ferguson have authored a series of 3 informative online courses for EduMine based on the British Columbia Groundwater Modelling Guidelines, modified and condensed to illustrate internationally applicable best practice.

We’ve just launched the first course in the series, Groundwater Modelling for Mining 1 – Model Conceptualization. This course describes the broader concepts of groundwater modelling related to impact assessment for mining projects.

Visit the course introduction page to learn more or to register for certification.

Jennifer is a technical writer and educational events administrator with EduMine. She has many years of experience as a writer and photographer, and an interest in social media and conflict resolution in the mining industry.

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