New Online Courses – Leadership Development Series


We are pleased to announce the launch of the first two courses in the series, Leadership Development, by Elaine Cullen and Trudy Gallinger!

Most of us strive to develop our careers and ultimately move up the career ladder. This also means that most of us will manage people. The workforce is changing, with many experienced people retiring, companies tapping into a global pool of talent, and a new generation of people with different values, expectations, and motivations coming in. To understand these differences in the very diverse teams that are the new reality, especially in mining, leaderships skills have become as important as management skills. An effective leader understands the diversity of their team and can work with the differences to ensure the team’s success.

The first course, Introduction to Leadership, provides the basic theory underlying leadership—that management and leadership are not the same thing, and that true leadership development has become a key to building and leading the workforce of the future. Topics covered include: various theories of leadership; different types of leaders; the need for leaders to understand themselves before understanding others; and the need for leaders to work within environments that include a company, an industry, and a community.

The second course, Leadership, Values, and Culture, presents the concept of culture and why it is an absolute controlling factor in how things are done. Topics covered include: how cultures form, how cultures provide both the roadmap and the rules that members must follow, occupational cultures, and organizational cultures. Hofstede’s theory of national cultures is used to examine how national cultures differ and how easy it is to go wrong when working with people from other cultures. A diversity model is included to help deal with the cultural differences in your work team that could be causing conflict.

These courses include several videos and interactive journal activities. The activities are designed to help you review and reflect on what you have learned.

For more information on the courses and to register for certification, please visit the course pages (see links above). We will continue the development of the course series in 2018.

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