Insight and Opportunities in Professional Development and Training for Mining

Is your training budget stuck in the recession?


There are positive indications that the recession is receding. Which means that this is the time for proactive decision making by forward-thinking companies as they prepare their training budgets for the coming year. Training is an area where companies can gain a significant advantage by planning ahead. The ranks of experienced workers and managers have been decimated by recession and retirement. Many will be replaced by young and/or inexperienced workers as the recession recedes and these will require extensive training. Forward-thinking companies are already preparing

Mining’s Untapped Resource – Women in Leadership Roles


Has mining discovered its next great resource? This is the question addressed in the recent report published by Ernst & Young, in collaboration with Women in Mining (UK). As the authors point out: “The gender gap isn’t just a gender issue. It’s a business issue. Women’s advancement and leadership are central to business performance and economic prosperity. Profitability, return on investment (ROI) and innovation all increase when women are counted among senior leadership.” The report can be used by mining companies, large or small, as

Murray Goldberg speaks to the effectiveness of online training


eLearning pioneer Murray Goldberg of Mining Safety and Learning Systems recently participated in a presentation on the effectiveness of online learning in enabling a safety culture transformation within a workforce (see the video presentation on YouTube). This presentation describes the development of a sustainable training program in the maritime industry; however the takeaways are highly relevant to mining. The essence of Murray’s presentation can be summarized as: Experience and research have shown that online, self-directed learning is measurably better than traditional instructor-led learning in terms

New Online Course – Covers for Mine Geowaste Facilities – 1: Principles, Practice, and Selection


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new online course, Covers for Mine Geowaste Facilities – 1: Principles, Practice, and Selection by Jack Caldwell. This course is the first in a series of two courses on covers for mine geowaste facilities deals with the general principles and practice of covers—what their purpose is, what objectives govern their selection and detailing, and what to consider when choosing a cover for your specific facility. In this course, we examine the: objectives of mine closure—the activity

Blended Learning Benefits Truck Operator Training at Suncor


Too often, haul truck operator trainees don’t retain enough of the knowledge they learn during training. That can lead to longer on-boarding cycles, lower productivity and potential safety problems in the mine. Blended learning – providing training via multiple modalities using a highly structured, building-block approach – shows a lot of promise in addressing this challenge (see Blended Learning: A More Effective Model for Haul Truck Operator Training by Chuck Frey of VISTA Training). Training challenges facing mines Computer-based training alone is not an effective

Online Course Updated: Environmental Health and Safety – Emergency Preparedness

Environmental Health and Safety - Emergency Preparedness

We have recently updated our online course, Environmental Health and Safety – Emergency Preparedness by author, Ralph Gunness. This course is the first of two Environmental Health and Safety courses by the author. It provides mining managers and professionals with a set of practical guidelines on Environmental Emergency Preparedness and how to start managing and preparing for an environmental emergency. This course is split into three parts: Part 1: Environmental Emergencies, including discussion of their occurrence, outcomes, and risk analysis. Part 2: Corporate Governance, including

Online Course Revised: An Introduction to Mining Investment – Understanding the Risks


Jack Caldwell has updated his online course, An Introduction to Mining Investment – Understanding the Risks. This course is intended for those with little knowledge of mining, but a desire to learn enough to make wise and successful investment moves in public stock markets where mining shares are traded. This course is also intended for seasoned mining stock investors who wish to take a fresh look at the basics of investing in mining stocks with a view to polishing up on, and possibly revising, strategies

Training for mining has moved to a new level


The mining campus just became a lot smarter, with expanded training content that covers the mining workforce and delivery by an LMS platform designed for mining. As well as recently adding 10 new online courses and updating another 6 from its library of professional development and training courses, EduMine is now collaborating with other providers on a broad range of mine training applications to greatly increase its ability to address content and technology requirements for the entire mining workforce. EduMine and VISTA Training EduMine is

Projected Worker Shortages will Increase the Requirement for On-Demand Training

Projected Worker Blog

There are early signs that the industry is turning around as commodity prices rebound and back-burner projects are reactivated. The Canadian Mining Labour Market Outlook 2016 by the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) has forecast a cumulative hiring requirement of 127,000 workers in a growth scenario for the Canadian mining industry over the next 10 years. This figure includes layoffs and lack of recruitment over the five-year recession as well as anticipated retirements. Where are we going to find these workers? The short answer

Revised Online Course – The Mill Operating Resource – 2: Mineral Recovery


We’ve recently launched updates for the online course, The Mill Operating Resource – 2: Mineral Recovery, by Ron Magill! This course is the second in a set of two courses on Mill Operating. It is a resource for people who need to understand and operate the equipment used in mineral processing. The second course covers classifiers, pumps, flotation methods, leaching and other methods, thickeners, filters, driers, evolving technology, and mill safety. The companion course, The Mill Operating Resource – 1: Ore Preparation covers feeders, conveyors,