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University of Concepción, Chile, Joins the Certificate in Mining Studies Network


EduMine and the University of Concepción (UDEC) in Chile have signed an agreement for the UDEC Department of Metallurgical Engineering to join the Certificate in Mining Studies program as both a CMS Mining School and a CMS Course Provider. The Certificate in Mining Studies (CMS) is a university certificate program, developed by EduMine, the Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and the Department of Continuing Education at UBC. The CMS continuing education program comprises short courses, live

EduMine’s Mariana Reinoso Achieves a Master of Educational Technology

Mariana Reinoso

Mariana Reinoso has been Manager of Educational Media for EduMine for eight years. She recently completed the requirements for the Master of Educational Technology program at the University of British Columbia and graduated on May 25. Congratulations Mariana! The Master of Educational Technology is a fully online program offered by the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia. The MET curriculum offers a holistic perspective on issues that impact the successful planning, development and delivery of e-learning. MET graduates: develop leadership capacities for

New Online Courses – Ore Minerals 1 and 2


We are pleased to announce the launch of 2 new online courses: Ore Minerals 1 – Native Ores and Sulfides and Ore Minerals 2 – Sulfides and Oxides by Dr. Selina Tribe. These courses replace the original course, Ore Minerals, by the same author. Ore Minerals 1 covers 11 common metal-bearing and industrial minerals that belong to the native ores and yellow-coloured sulfides. The companion courses, Ore Minerals 2, looks at 16 common sulfide and oxide ore minerals of the black, grey, brown and red

Tim Shaw – In Memoriam

We are sad to announce that Professor Tim Shaw, EduMine author, passed away on April 21st, at the age of 82. Professor Shaw was Emeritus Professor of Mining Engineering at Imperial College London, having retired in 2001 after being appointed to the Chair in Mining Engineering at the Royal School of Mines in 1980. Prior to that, he held an academic appointment at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He entered the academic environment after a successful career in the South African mining industry where he reached

New Online Course – Safety Risk Management


We’ve recently launched a new online course, Safety Risk Management, by Dr. Carl Marx! This course provides basic information and risk management tools that can be used by individuals to look after their own well-being at work, or to use as they build a risk management program that will enable the proactive prevention of unwanted events in their workplaces. Each year, hundreds of people are killed in accidents at work and at the same time millions of people are injured and maimed. In addition, millions

New Online Course – Sourcing, Selecting, and Securing Talent


We’ve just launched a new online course, Sourcing, Selecting, and Securing Talent by Luciano Anjos! Globalization and technology have created both opportunities and new challenges for the employment relationship and how employers and employees relate with one another. This holds true for the mining industry that must also deal with challenges such as volatile commodity markets. While all these challenges can be daunting, the fundamental issues of staffing, orientation, compensation, performance management, etc. remain vital and ongoing factors for organizations to address. This course looks

EduMine Rankings and Demographics for 2016


The following rankings and demographics are based on records and analytics from 2016. Audience: 236,000 unique visitors. Top 10 countries by visitor statistics … Canada: 17% (15% in 2015) United States: 13% (14% in 2015) India: 6% (5% in 2015) United Kingdom: 6% (4% in 2015) South Africa: 5% (6% in 2015) Australia: 5% (5% in 2015) Brazil: 3% (3% in 2015) Peru: 3% (4% in 2015) Mexico: 3% (3% in 2015) Chile: 2% (3% in 2015) Age: 61% of EduMine visitors are less than

Metal Mining Discharges – Impacts and Controls


We have recently revised our online course, Metal Mining Discharges – Impacts and Controls, by Dr. Frances Solomon. Dr. Solomon has more than 25 years of professional experience in environmental agencies, addressing the biological impacts of toxic water pollutants, pollution prevention and control, and protection and restoration of salmon habitat. Her course presents the principles of ecology with respect to aquatic ecosystems, and how metals from all stages in the life of a mine are discharged to these ecosystems. The course also examines the properties

New Online Course – Underground Mine Environment 2: Environmental Contaminants


We’ve just launched a new online course, Underground Mine Environment 2: Environmental Contaminants! This course is based on material developed by Mining Education Australia, a national joint venture initiative between the University of New South Wales, the University of Queensland, and Curtin University of Technology. Underground Mine Environment 2: Environmental Contaminants is the second course in the Underground Mine Environment series. The course is structured in five parts that cover environmental contaminants encountered in underground mines. Part 1: Mine Gases and Gas Laws Part 2:

eLearning Deals with the Practical Realities of Training at Mines


Training at mines is impacted by a number of issues, principal among these being … the rate of change and complexity of technology high staff turnover workforce diversity measuring the effectiveness of training The discussion below deals with how eLearning contributes to a successful, sustainable training program in the context of each of the above issues. Dealing with complexity and rate of change of technology Training is all about preventing accidents, saving lives, and ensuring business success … i.e. about ensuring sustainability in a world