Professional Development and Training Statistics on EduMine

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Did you know that EduMine is the world’s leading provider of training and education to the mining industry today? Our clients, students and partners choose our online platform for professional development, as a mining resource library, and for training purposes.

Below are several interesting EduMine statics that demonstrate EduMine’s growth, and usage:

  • There are over 6,000 active students today
  • Over 21,000 individuals have enrolled since 2005
  • Nearly 7,000 individuals have completed one or more courses with EduMine
  • 16,000 courses have been completed (nearly 200,000 hours of study); of which more than 11,000 are online course completions and the rest are webcasts and short courses

Areas of Study

The table below shows the distribution of completed courses by area of study:

There are more than 160 courses in the EduMine library; of those, 40 have been translated into other languages, mostly into Spanish.

Global Reach

The table below illustrates our global distribution, and presence:


To learn more about how EduMine can benefit your career, or corporate training program, please contact Gillian Roy at:

Simon Houlding was Vice-President of Professional Development for InfoMine Inc. He founded Edumine in 2000, and was responsible for this InfoMine division which provides learning and training programs to the global mining industry until 31 October 2017. He is a professional engineer and author.

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