Read Our Interview with EduMine’s Latest Management Certificate Graduate!

Management Certificate GradEduMine would like to congratulate our most recent graduate Bernard Fortuin, who completed the Management Certificate Program for Mine Superintendent (Surface)! We wanted to learn more about Bernard, including what drew him to a career in mining, and to the program.

Name: Bernard Fortuin
Company: South32

What attracted you to a career in mining?
What attracted me to the mining industry were the outstanding job prospects, and the learning and development opportunities within the field. I enjoy being involved in an industry filled with good people. There is a community feel to it, which is an interesting and attractive dynamic.

What is the most interesting project you have worked on? Why?
I worked on in-pit ramps that were substandard. I was able to help evaluate a road design process constructed by a professional contractor. I used my local experience to help construct in-pit ramps that enabled haul trucks to operate safely and efficiently, resulting in a decrease in total operating cost.

Can you name the top 3 most interesting courses that you took during the Program?

If you could choose your ideal job in the mining sector, what would be?
My ideal job would be a Support Manager that helps the project run smoothly. I am a perfectionist in my work, and detail orientated – I like to use this skill to ensure that my team is doing the best and most efficient job that they can do. I am a self-starter, and highly dependable – my senior managers understand that the job gets done right with me the first time, and that project targets will be met.

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself?
I am a hands-on, practical and critical thinker. I can quickly evaluate large projects, mobilize my team and delegate work effectively.

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