Revised Online Course – The Mill Operating Resource – 2: Mineral Recovery

xmillops2We’ve recently launched updates for the online course, The Mill Operating Resource – 2: Mineral Recovery, by Ron Magill!

This course is the second in a set of two courses on Mill Operating. It is a resource for people who need to understand and operate the equipment used in mineral processing. The second course covers classifiers, pumps, flotation methods, leaching and other methods, thickeners, filters, driers, evolving technology, and mill safety.

The companion course, The Mill Operating Resource – 1: Ore Preparation covers feeders, conveyors, crushers, ore storage, grinding mills, and mill safety.

If you are an operator and you are feeling challenged by the why of things or intimidated by technology, then certification in this course will give you the knowledge to fully participate in the technical workings of a mineral processing plant.

If you are a manager, engineer, training supervisor, metallurgical technician, or front-line supervisor this resource is still for you! It provides practical knowledge, experience, and insight into how these multi-disciplinary processes work in practice and what to look out for when problems arise.

For more information on the course and to register for certification, please visit the course pages (hyperlinked above).

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