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Simon Houlding was Vice-President of Professional Development for InfoMine Inc. He founded Edumine in 2000, and was responsible for this InfoMine division which provides learning and training programs to the global mining industry until 31 October 2017. He is a professional engineer and author.

Online Certification for a Remote Mining Audience

How do you develop a certification process for online courses that are going to be taken on demand by individuals in remote mining areas, many of whom will not have access to mentoring and must complete a course entirely in a self-study, self-paced mode? The primary objective of certification is to confirm that you have achieved the planned learning objectives of a course. A strong secondary objective is to enhance and reinforce the learning experience itself. The online certification process for EduMine courses is audited

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Online Certification is a Convenient Way to Satisfy Your CPD Obligations

Online certification presents a cost-effective opportunity to expand your knowledge by taking career-enhancing courses, with the convenience of online certification and 24/7 accessibility, and to satisfy your professional development obligations at the same time. EduMine has online, self-learning, self-paced courses on almost every aspect of mining and the geosciences, authored by specialists in their fields…

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