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Beverlee is Edumine's Principal Technical Writer. She has experience writing and editing technical content for the software and mining industries. She also has an interest in user interface design and user experience.

Updated Online Course: 360° Mining

We’ve recently launched author updates for the online course 360° Mining. This course will teach you what is current, topical, and important in today’s mining scene. In short, you will quickly achieve street smarts in mining! The course addresses the key players and the relationships in mining between commodities, mines, companies, people, finance, suppliers, education, regulations, risks, and more. Several links to additional sources of information are included in the course. We hope you will find 360° Mining so useful that it will become your

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A New Style of Course for Rapid Entry to the World of Mining

Most learning and training is concerned with method and process and is designed to teach you the How and Why of a certain aspect of mining. 360 Mining is a new style of course that teaches you the Who, What, Where and When of the global mining scene. This is a course that rapidly brings you up to date with what is current, topical, relevant and important in terms of mining companies, people, financing, commodities, countries, equipment, regulations, hazards and more. For example … Do

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