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Simon Houlding was Vice-President of Professional Development for InfoMine Inc. He founded Edumine in 2000, and was responsible for this InfoMine division which provides learning and training programs to the global mining industry until 31 October 2017. He is a professional engineer and author.

eLearning Deals with the Practical Realities of Training at Mines

Training at mines is impacted by a number of issues, principal among these being … the rate of change and complexity of technology high staff turnover workforce diversity measuring the effectiveness of training The discussion below deals with how eLearning contributes to a successful, sustainable training program in the context of each of the above issues. Dealing with complexity and rate of change of technology Training is all about preventing accidents, saving lives, and ensuring business success … i.e. about ensuring sustainability in a world

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Responsive Training … a Disruptive Innovation in Mining

Introduction It’s time to change education and training. Addressing the technical and operational complexities of mining, through the ups and downs of the industry, has left little opportunity to innovate education and training. It is critical to build the people that are the foundation of safe and productive mining. Responsive Training Two established Vancouver-based companies have teamed up to disrupt traditional education in mining: responsive training is a digital platform that combines eLearning technology with best-in-class content that is tailored to the operational context of

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Murray Goldberg speaks to the effectiveness of online training

eLearning pioneer Murray Goldberg of Mining Safety and Learning Systems recently participated in a presentation on the effectiveness of online learning in enabling a safety culture transformation within a workforce (see the video presentation on YouTube). This presentation describes the development of a sustainable training program in the maritime industry; however the takeaways are highly relevant to mining. The essence of Murray’s presentation can be summarized as: Experience and research have shown that online, self-directed learning is measurably better than traditional instructor-led learning in terms

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Lost for Words … Are We Missing Something in the Digital World?

Digital technology is transforming the way we read and write. This is the theme of an article titled “Goodbye, paper: What we miss when we read on screen” (O’Callaghan (2014) ) in the November 01 edition of the New Scientist. The article summarizes research into the impact of the digital world on learning and cognition, all of which has some degree of relevance to our own world of elearning and online professional development. Students attending a lecture who took notes by hand instead of typing

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Talk to Your Professional Association about CPD and eLearning Benefits

Many professional associations for mining and geoscience professionals today recognize formal eLearning as credit towards CPD (continuing professional development) obligations. This is a significant benefit since busy professionals can take qualifying on-demand online courses in their own time from any location with a decent Internet connection. EduMine has taken steps to ensure that, in general, the format and methodology of its online courses meet the CPD qualifying criteria of professional associations. This includes a robust certification methodology that confirms achievement of the planned learning outcomes

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Make the Most of Your Online Learning Experience

Surveys of North American universities over the last 10 years have consistently found that most chief academic officers (77%) rate the learning outcomes for online education “as good as or better” than those for face-to-face instruction (Allen and Seaman (2013)). There are good reasons for this, an online course is typically developed for a much larger audience than a face-to-face classroom course, and the content is typically written by an industry specialist or SME and assembled into an online course by an educational expert, i.e.

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