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Joanna Gaskell is the Manager of Educational Media for EduMine, who coordinates online course development and production. She has a background in environmental consulting, communications, and multimedia.

Haul Road Design and Operational Benchmarking Course Revised

The EduMine online course Haul Road Design and Operational Benchmarking has been revised.

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New Spanish Translation: Diseño y monitoreo del desempeño de los caminos de la mina

EduMine is pleased to announce the launch of Diseño y monitoreo del desempeño de los caminos de la mina, a Spanish translation of Prof. Roger J. Thompson’s online course, Haul Road Design and Operational Benchmarking. This online course introduces participants to the principles of mine haul road design, from road building material selection and characterisation, road-user (truck and traffic) requirements, through to performance benchmarking and evaluation as a basis for road maintenance management decision making. This translation will enable Spanish learners to evaluate their current

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A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming Up for EduMine Online

It’s time for another quick look ahead at what you can expect over the next few months from EduMine! We have a very exciting new online course launching soon on the identification of ore minerals from professional geologist and consultant Selina Tribe. This course will be packed full of pictures and figures to help with identification of everything from sulphides to oxides to native metals, and will feature extensive reviews so you can thoroughly test your knowledge. Dr. Tribe is also the author of our

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