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Simon Houlding was Vice-President of Professional Development for InfoMine Inc. He founded Edumine in 2000, and was responsible for this InfoMine division which provides learning and training programs to the global mining industry until 31 October 2017. He is a professional engineer and author.

Online Knowledge and Information Resources for Mining

Learning and training objectives are not simply about the accepted learning outcomes of remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating. A key part of post-secondary education is concerned with teaching us how and where to find and evaluate information we might need at any stage of our careers. We do not have to remember every item of information needed to manage a mining operation, but we do need to know where to find that information quickly when we need it, how to retrieve it, and

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A Taxonomy of Outcomes for Learning and Training in Mining

You cannot force fit learning or training content into any learning technology. The appropriate technology will depend on the subject matter or topic being taught and the required learning outcomes. The following taxonomy of learning outcomes is relevant and is adapted from Applying Bloom’s Taxonomy to Learning Technologies (Hoffman(2013))…

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Broaden Your Skills and Competencies to Become Competitive in the Mining Workforce

Over the past two decades a skills crisis has transformed what was previously a competitive advantage into the mining sector’s key challenge. A lack of skilled professionals, a rapidly aging workforce, and antiquated immigration policies make it difficult for companies to fill vacant roles with qualified candidates, threatening short and long-term growth prospects…

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A Collaborative Model for Continuing Education and Training in Mining

The Certificate in Mining Studies program supported by the University of British Columbia, Vancouver and the University of Arizona, Tucson is a collaborative initiative between mining schools and industry to provide accessible, cost-effective, accredited continuing education and training, designed to address the future needs of the global mining community. Content is authored by industry specialists and presented by course providers like Imperial College, Sauder School of Business, and EduMine, and delivered through an integration of online learning, short courses and interactive webcasts.

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A Risk Management Approach to Starting Your Career in Mining

Jack Caldwell (I Think Mining) recently blogged on this topic based on an article by Franco and Cesar Oboni (risk management consultants) … see Finding a Job in Mining – a Risk Management Challenge. Identifying a career entry-point can be a nerve-racking adventure when you are starting your career fresh from university.  Finding the right job can, however, be one of the most gratifying journeys in a person’s life. The probability of achieving this can be enhanced by applying risk management principles.

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Supplementing a Mine Training Program with Online Courses

The objective of a mine training program is to provide practical knowledge, skills and competencies that supplement the basic theory provided by a university degree or diploma. A mine training program will always include elements of hands-on training specific to the mine itself. It will also include specialized training in topics that are omitted from many degrees or diplomas but may be key to mine operation. For example: mineral processing, resource modeling, mine planning and grade control, mine ventilation, maintenance management, and others. Online courses

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