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Beverlee is Edumine's Principal Technical Writer. She has experience writing and editing technical content for the software and mining industries. She also has an interest in user interface design and user experience.

New Online Courses – Ore Minerals 1 and 2

We are pleased to announce the launch of 2 new online courses: Ore Minerals 1 – Native Ores and Sulfides and Ore Minerals 2 – Sulfides and Oxides by Dr. Selina Tribe. These courses replace the original course, Ore Minerals, by the same author. Ore Minerals 1 covers 11 common metal-bearing and industrial minerals that belong to the native ores and yellow-coloured sulfides. The companion courses, Ore Minerals 2, looks at 16 common sulfide and oxide ore minerals of the black, grey, brown and red

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New Online Course – Economic Geology 101

Our new online course, Economic Geology 101, is for: beginners in exploration geology, people requiring a basic understanding of ore deposits, students, and anyone who is inquisitive about mineral deposits and how these form. The course covers an overview of major rock types, how processes in the geologic cycle relate to the formation of ore deposits, and characteristic deposit types that form for specific minerals. This course is based on the Geological Framework for the Business of Exploration and Mining, authored by David Groves, presented

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New Online Course: Ore Minerals

We’re very excited about the launch of Dr. Selina Tribe’s new online course, Ore Minerals. Dr. Tribe’s extensive course covers 27 common ore minerals, addressing mining techniques, economic mine grades, commodity prices, and world-wide reserves and resources for each ore mineral. The course provides learners with knowledge of the physical properties of minerals, tests used to evaluate or describe those properties, and methods for identifying common ore minerals. The course is essential for anyone interested in exploration and geology…

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New Portuguese Online Course – Rochas, minerais e minérios comuns

We’ve just launched our latest Portuguese online course, Rochas, Minerais e Minérios Comuns! This course is a translation of Common Rocks, Minerals and Ores, by Dr. Glenn B. Stracher. The course is designed as a reference for beginners in geology and mineral exploration and for others who require the basics of rock and mineral identification. Learners who view the Portuguese course will learn how to identify common rocks and minerals in the field and to identify the ores of strategic and industrial minerals. For more

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