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Beverlee is a technical writer and provides support for educational events at EduMine. Beverlee has many years of experience as a technical and journalistic writer, working in these fields in both Vancouver and Montreal.

Mining’s Untapped Resource – Women in Leadership Roles

Has mining discovered its next great resource? This is the question addressed in the recent report published by Ernst & Young, in collaboration with Women in Mining (UK). As the authors point out: “The gender gap isn’t just a gender issue. It’s a business issue. Women’s advancement and leadership are central to business performance and economic prosperity. Profitability, return on investment (ROI) and innovation all increase when women are counted among senior leadership.” The report can be used by mining companies, large or small, as

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Achieving the ROI of Mine Training

With few exceptions, the return on investment for training is generally difficult to quantify, particularly in dollar terms. Clearly identifying the objectives and establishing a means of confirming achievement will improve both the effectiveness and confidence level of a training project and, at the least, give an indication of the return on investment. As a simple example, if the objective of training is concerned with improving the safety of a mining operation, then achievement would be measured in terms of a subsequent reduction in the

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