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Beverlee is Edumine's Principal Technical Writer. She has experience writing and editing technical content for the software and mining industries. She also has an interest in user interface design and user experience.

New Online Course – Underground Mine Environment 2: Environmental Contaminants

We’ve just launched a new online course, Underground Mine Environment 2: Environmental Contaminants! This course is based on material developed by Mining Education Australia, a national joint venture initiative between the University of New South Wales, the University of Queensland, and Curtin University of Technology. Underground Mine Environment 2: Environmental Contaminants is the second course in the Underground Mine Environment series. The course is structured in five parts that cover environmental contaminants encountered in underground mines. Part 1: Mine Gases and Gas Laws Part 2:

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Updated Online Course – Groundwater in Mining

We’ve just launched author updates for Jack Caldwell’s online course, Groundwater in Mining. This course focuses on groundwater theory and practice applicable to mines and the specifics of open pits, shafts, underground mine workings, heap leach pads, waste rock dumps, and tailings impoundments. For more info, see the course page.

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Underground Mine Environment 1: Ventilation and Mine Services – New Online Course

We’ve just launched a new online course: Underground Mine Environment 1: Ventilation and Mine Services by Mining Education Australia—a must for professionals tasked with design, monitoring, and practice of ventilation for the underground mine environment. The course begins with developing an understanding of the laws, relationships and equations, and their application, required to undertake analysis of fluid flow in ventilation and gas reticulation systems. The course also focuses on fan types and applications/configurations, key aspects of ventilation network analysis, monitoring ventilation networks, as well as

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Updated Online Course: Underground Mining Methods and Equipment

We’ve just updated one of our most popular courses, Underground Mining Methods and Equipment. The course is one of EduMine’s earliest courses, and this updated version includes advances in underground mining methods, changes to equipment, and costing figures. Underground Mining Methods and Equipment provides a comprehensive introduction and reference for students, engineers and other mining professionals who require a solid grounding in selection, design and development of mining methods and equipment. It is a great starting point for anyone looking to begin a career underground.

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A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming Up for EduMine Online

It’s time for another quick look ahead at what you can expect over the next few months from EduMine! We’ve been putting a focus lately on revitalizing our older courses, and have two exciting course updates coming soon. Jack Caldwell’s Mine Water and Chemical Balance Analysis will be getting an update, with new content to expand and improve its coverage of water and chemical mass balance modeling as it applies to a mine site, and mine site facilities. Also, Rimas Pakalnis’ incredibly popular course Underground

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