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Gold Exploration in Tropical LandscapesOver the last year, EduMine has made some significant additions to their online course catalogue in the field of exploration, geology and reserves…

Gold Exploration in Tropical Landscapes is an informative, technical and applied geoscience course, which presents effective field techniques and cultural etiquette for gold exploration at tropical latitudes. Author Danae Voormeij draws on a decade’s worth of field experience in lateritic environments, and a year of dedicated research on tropical gold geochemistry.

Ore Minerals is an extensive, thorough look at 27 common ore minerals, their physical properties, uses and importance. The focus of the course is on practical mineral identification, and the importance of minerals and metals to our economy. For each ore mineral, information is provided on mining techniques, economic mine grades, commodity prices and world-wide reserves and resources. Author Dr. Selina Tribe has more than 20 years experience mapping and interpreting minerals, rock, structure and landforms on Earth and as far afield as Mars.

e3Plus - Principles and Guidance for Responsible Exploration - SpanishWe have recently had two new translations of exploration and geology courses: Dr. Glenn Stracher’s reference course Common Rocks, Minerals and Ores is now in Portuguese, and e3Plus: Principles and Guidance, the first of PDAC’s extensive e3Plus set of courses, is now in Spanish.

Existing course Practical Geostatistics 2000 – 1: Classical Statistics has been revised to include errata published by authors Dr. Isobel Clark and Dr. William Harper, and followup course Practical Geostatistics 2000 – 2: Spatial Statistics is soon to follow. These courses are based on over 40 years of teaching statistics and geostatistics to mining engineers, geologists, hydrologists, soil scientists, climatologists, and more.

Practical Geostatistics 2000 - 1: Classical StatisticsFinally, the first of the very popular Exploration and Mining Geology set of online courses, The Geologic Baseline, has been updated. This suite of courses uses the concepts and practices of applied geology as its central theme, and is a balanced and comprehensive treatment of the geological, geochemical, geophysical, and economic elements of exploration and mining.

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Joanna Gaskell is the Manager of Educational Media for EduMine, who coordinates online course development and production. She has a background in environmental consulting, communications, and multimedia.

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