What’s New in Geotechnics and Hydrology at EduMine Online

groundwater-modellingOver the last year, EduMine has made some significant additions to their online course catalogue in the field of geotechnics, rock mechanics and hydrology.

EduMine’s new Groundwater Modelling for Mining online course set describes the broader concepts of groundwater modelling related to impact assessment for mining projects. This set is based on the British Columbia Groundwater Modelling Guidelines, which were commissioned by the British Columbia Ministry of Environment (BC MoE).

The first course, Model Conceptualization, covers the modelling process, including conceptual model development and selection. The second course, Numerical Modelling, covers the set-up of a numerical model, model calibration and verification, modelling predictions, and evaluation of model uncertainty. The third course in the series is coming soon!

tailingsWe have recently launched two new translations of geotechnics, rock mechanics and hydrology courses, both by popular course author Jack Caldwell. Tailings Facility Design, Operation, and Closure and Mine Water and Chemical Balance Analysis are both now available in Spanish!

Two of EduMine’s geotechnics, rock mechanics and hydrology courses have been updated within the past year. Bench Face Design in Rock, one of our oldest and most popular courses, has been revised to include new techniques for design and maintenance of benched excavations in rock for open pit mining and quarrying. This course covers everything from data collection and basic geotechnical approaches through to estimating bench face angles and distributions, design sensitivity to rock mass parameters, and the influence of drilling and blasting.

Bench Face Design in RockMine Water and Chemical Balance Analysis by Jack Caldwell, newly translated into Spanish, has also been revised! The Spanish translation of this course, discussed above, includes these revisions. This course covers fundamental theories and methods, and illustrates these with examples that are intended to assist and guide in compiling water and chemical mass balances for a mine and its various facilities.

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Joanna Gaskell is the Manager of Educational Media for EduMine, who coordinates online course development and production. She has a background in environmental consulting, communications, and multimedia.

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